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A glittering example of the top architecture in Jaipur is the portfolio of Rupankaran Archo Interiors. Over the years, we have conceptualized and designed a lot of sustainable homes, offices, and commercial projects for our clients.

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Latest Trends of Architecture in Jaipur, India

The current architecture trends in India are focused on sustainable development. These include incorporating green and sustainable features in structures, as well as incorporating industrial styling. Globalization has also had an effect on modern Indian architecture. In fact, the architecture in Jaipur is becoming more eco-friendly, and its sustainable features are more pronounced.

A glittering example of the best architecture in Jaipur is the portfolio of Rupankan Archo Interiors. Over the years, we have conceptualized and designed a lot of sustainable homes, offices, and commercial projects for our clients.

We have discussed some of the most defining trends in contemporary Indian architecture.

Committed to Holistic Development

The modern Indian architecture movement focuses on the development of the entire urban area rather than focusing on individual buildings. It incorporates traditional Indian architectural motifs and practices into its designs while also making an effort to promote sustainable development. Its focus on the urban environment has resulted in a move away from absolute influence of Western architecture.

There are a number of reasons why modern Indian architecture such as the top architecture in Jaipur is increasingly committed to sustainability and the environment. It may be because of the cultural values that underlie vernacular architecture in India, or because of the historical influence of local communities. In contrast to the homogenised aspirations of modern architecture, vernacular architecture in India is a reflection of the cultural identities of the people.

Incorporates Sustainable Features

As India's urban population continues to grow, it is important to incorporate sustainable features into architecture trends to ensure a positive impact on the environment and the well-being of its inhabitants. With overpopulation and a growing need for housing, many architectural firms in the country have shifted from commercially driven trends to environmentally conscious designs. The trend has now swept through the country, and more people are demanding more environmentally-friendly architecture in Jaipur.

To start, architects are using more innovative building materials. Increasingly, new building materials include organic materials and incorporate phase-change technology, which helps store thermal energy. For example, the top architecture in Jaipur is typified by sustainable tiles that are available in many designs and styles.

Influenced by Globalization

According to Amartya Sen, "globalization is inevitable and inescapable." As we live in a global society, people, commodities, and ideas are increasingly crossing national borders. Globalization has affected many aspects of life in India, including the leading architecture in Jaipur. The growth of urbanization, the construction of new buildings and infrastructure, and a general desire for comfort and style have all contributed to changes in architecture in India.

Characterized by Industrial Styling

The influence of industrial styling on Indian architecture is quite extensive. It has been adopted in lakhs of buildings across the country - as well as the architecture in Jaipur. It is characterized by geometric shapes and unadorned concrete surfaces. It also incorporates asymmetrical designs, smooth facades, glass curtain walls, and flat roofs.

This industrial style takes its inspiration from warehouses and factories. These trends are visible in the top architecture in Jaipur in the form of raw materials and tough furnishings. The colour palette is usually black, white, or subtle neutrals. The use of colour is usually limited to accents or a statement hue. The look can be enhanced by the use of found objects. These pieces will give the space an air of vintage appeal.

Extensive Use of Wood

The use of wood in construction projects is increasing in India. Wood is used in many aspects of architecture in Jaipur, including doors and windows. It gives a sense of warmth and homeliness to a building and is a sustainable building material. Wood has also gained popularity in commercial construction and is used extensively in the manufacturing of furniture.

Timber products have a low carbon footprint and can be recycled. This makes them more sustainable than other man-made materials. Growing global awareness about climate change and environmental concerns have renewed interest in wood as a primary building material. Global trends have also uncovered new ways to use wood, including as an embellishment and structural material.

Diminishing Adoption of Plastic

Architecture trends in India are starting to incorporate recycled materials into design. Using recycled plastic for construction can save on costs while making the top architecture in Jaipur more environmentally friendly. This type of construction can also help improve the country’s economy by creating jobs. It is possible to build a home or office out of recycled plastic, which makes it an attractive choice for a budget-conscious consumer.

We hope we’ve guided you well on the latest architectural trends in India. If you want to learn more about the best architecture in Jaipur, the experts at Rupankaran Archo Interiors welcome you with open arms. Book your consultation with us today.


Top Architecture in Jaipur
Top Architecture in Jaipur